Type Colony License Agreement

This end-user licence agreement is a legally binding contract between yourself or (if you represent a legal entity) a legal entity, and the legal entity Type Colony for the use of font software associated with this agreement.

1. License Agreement

Thank you for choosing our fonts; your support means a lot! We hope you find great satisfaction in using them for your projects.

However, we'd like to address some important aspects related to font licensing. When you acquire a typeface, it is essentially treated as software, governed solely by the terms outlined in the End User License Agreement (EULA). This protection is reliant on your commitment and trust. Creating a typeface demands a significant investment of time and effort. Even if it may seem like a "quick" endeavor, your decision to purchase implies acceptance of the EULA. Consider it a binding contract that ensures respectful use of the font. Failure to adhere to these terms would mean a breach of the agreement, preventing you from utilizing the font. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with these licensing terms.

If you pay for, download, install, or use Digital Fonts, it means you've read and agreed to the terms. These terms legally bind you to Type Colony, and you must be allowed to make such agreements. If you don't agree, please don't buy, access, download, install, or use the Digital Font(s).

2. Licensing Model

We grant you a perpetual, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license to utilize our font software. This license covers unlimited applications across various media platforms, such as Print & Social Media, Websites, Logos, Applications, Servers, Videos, and Corporate usage. Our pricing structure is determined solely by the size of your company or your client's company, with the number of employees being the sole consideration. Unlike the size of the design agency, design department, or the number of font users, the total number of employees within your or your client's organization is the only factor taken into account for licensing purposes.

Licensing Options
  1. Print & Social Media
  2. Website
  3. Logo
  4. Application
  5. Server
  6. Video
  7. Corporate

Read more about licensing options

3. Company Size

A font file (OTF, TTF, WOFF..) cannot be transferrable, you agree to not give the font to anyone unless you following this term based on your Company/ Business Size.

(S) Small License

if you bought a Small license as a freelancer for example, please do not share the font file with your clients if your client is a company, is made for solo freelancer or a small studio with 1 - 4 members.

(M) Medium License

If you part of a mid size studio or an agency with 5 - 35 members please do not purchase the small license, even if you'll be the only designer to work on the project using the font. The Medium license must be purchase by your studio or your agency (and can be used by any designer/ people from your office).

(L) Large License

If you are part of a company with 36 - 99 members please purchase the Large license, even if you'll be the only designer to work on the project using the font. The Large license must be purchase by you studio or your agency (and can be used by any designer/ people from your office).

(XL) Extra Large License

If you want to use for Unlimited members for 1 Organization or company please purchase the Extra Large license (and can be used by any designer from your office/ collaborator).

We base our prices on the total number of the people working for the company - not the people in design department, and not the number of people who use the fonts.

4. Refund Policy

We aim to give you a great experience when you buy our software licenses. But, please be aware that once you buy, it's final, and we don't do refunds. If you face any technical problems, reach out to us at:

This policy is to avoid accidental purchases, and when you buy our fonts, you agree to the terms in this EULA.

5. Buying Font Files for a Client

As a payment facilitator, you have the option to procure font files on behalf of your client. It is imperative, however, that your client retains ownership of the license. This arrangement proves advantageous by enabling your client to seamlessly integrate the font files into their projects, thereby ensuring uninterrupted business operations. By managing the font file acquisition, you contribute to your client's time savings, allowing them to concentrate on core business activities. It is essential to bear in mind that your client remains accountable for strict adherence to the stipulated licensing terms and conditions.

6. Trial Fonts

Our trial license lets you test our font software by creating sample documents, visuals, and web pages. You can use it to show your work to clients or others interested. We want you to make informed design choices, so we offer a free trial with all glyphs included! This way, you can try the font in your projects, save time, and make things easier. Students can use our fonts for academic and personal projects with this trial. Just remember, follow our licensing terms, and don't use them commercially without purchasing a suitable license.

7. Copyright and Trademark

We own the font software, and it's protected by copyright law. The design's intellectual property also belongs to us. When you buy it, you get a license, not ownership. This license is non-exclusive and non-refundable, giving you specific rights to use the font software. You can't sell or own the actual software or its design. We keep all other rights

8. Compatibility and Usage

Type Colony provides desktop font formats in OpenType (.otf) and, upon request, in TrueType (.ttf). Webfont packages include WOFF (.woff) and WOFF2 (.woff2) font files. The fonts you download from our website are ensured to be valid, installable, and printable. While we independently test OpenType layout features, their support depends on your system, software versions, or browsers. We recommend checking the relevant documentation for your system, software, or browser.

9. Warrants and Disclaimer

The Digital Font is provided as-is. Type Colony does not offer any warranties, whether expressed or implied, including merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose. You take on all the risk regarding the quality and performance of the Digital Font.

Type Colony cannot guarantee that the Digital Font's functions will meet your needs or be error-free. Any implied warranties by law last for only thirty (30) days. After this period, there are no warranties.

Type Colony is not responsible for damages caused by the end user or third parties due to the misuse of the Digital Font. The company may change this End User License Agreement at any time without prior notice to accommodate future commercial and technical changes.

10. Miscellaneous

This contract is our entire agreement, replacing any previous discussions. Changes must be written and agreed upon by both parties. If one part is not enforceable, the other terms still apply, and we'll replace the unenforceable part. If we waive a right or allow something, it doesn't mean we'll do it again in the future.